The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the The Jewish Center consists of the seven officers (President, five Vice Presidents, Secretary), four Trustees, the immediate past president, the chairpersons of standing committees, and the presidents of Jewish Center Women and of the Men's Club. The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers, trustees and immediate past president.

The Board meets monthly. Standing committees include: Adult Education; Arts and Cultural Affairs; Finance; Fundraising; House; Human Resources; Israeli Affairs; Long Range Planning; Membership; Religious Affairs; Social Action ; School; and Youth and Family Activities.

The Executive Committee

President: Linda Meisel
Vice President of Finance: David Politziner
Vice President of Education & Youth: Nicole Soffin
Vice President of Religious Affairs: Linda Milstein
Vice President of Programming: Helaine Isaacs
Vice President of Administration: Judi Fleitman
Recording Secretary: Bernard Abramson          

Trustees:           Barak Bar-Cohen              
                                Moshe Margolin               
                                Naomi Richman Neumann
                                Ginger Schnitzer              

Past President: Naomi Perlman


Committee Chairs    

Adult Education                                                                               
Chair: Jeremy Kasdin
Arts and Culture                                                                              
Chair: Heidi Joseph
Chair: Benny Soffer
Vice Chair: Bret Jacknow
Chair: Eric Jaffe
Human Resources
Harry Cummins
Israeli Affairs                                                                     
Chair: Debbie Gross
Jewish Center Women                                                                 
Co-Chair: Charlene Borsack
Co-Chair: Debbi Gitterman
Long Range Planning
Chair: Edye Kamenir
Co-Chair: Martha Friedman
Men's Club                                                                        
Chair: Stephen Hudis
Co-Chair: Aaron Bellows
Religious Affairs                                                                               
Chair: Barbara Schwartz
School, Youth & Family
Chair: Rachael Cooper
Social Action                                                                      
Co-Chair: Lew Gantwerk
Co-Chair: Abigail Rose