Gila Levin

Director, Religious School

Gila Levin brings 20 years of experience at The Jewish Center as a teacher, B’nai Mitzvah coordinator, Ritual Director, and currently the Director of our Religious School.

Gila was born in Haifa, Israel. She graduated from the Technion- Haifa with a degree in Science Education.  Gila taught Biology at Rogozin High School in Kiryat Ata for 12 years. 

In 2010, Gila led the Religious School through a major curriculum change that offers students the option to choose the days they attend school and the courses they want to study. 

Gila and her husband Gadi live in Hillsborough. They have three children: Yariv, Yuval, and Yael, and five grandchildren: Lia, Jake, Maya, Oliver and Samuel.

Send an e-mail to Gila or call Gila at 609-921-0100 ext. 220.